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A Birthday E Card That Will Make You Smile

Nothing says enjoy your birthday today like a vision of your future gummy, toothless mouth.  By the way, if you ever had a dream of your teeth falling out, it means you fear getting old.  So now you can solidify that fear for a friend on his/her birthday with this bizarre birthday ecard, the latest ecard added [...]
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Funny Father’s Day E Card

OK, I’ve got the latest, greatest Father’s Day E Card up on MeCards.com.  It’s called Great Father’s of All Time.  All you need to do is stick a face photo of your pop and yourself in the baby carriage and you’re all set with a free funny father’s day ecard your dad will dig big [...]
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Funny Birthday Messages for Birthday Cards

If you’re looking for the rights words to say on someone’s birthday, check out some of the funniest birthday messages I found courtesy of BirthdayMessages.com: - Happy Birthday, you’re not getting older you’re just a little closer to death. - To the nation’s best kept secret; Your true age. - Birthdays are like boogers, the [...]
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Father’s Day On It’s Way: June 19th 2011

Father’s Day is an underrated event. Whereas Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for e-greetings and sentimentality, Father’s Day often slips away unnoticed and uncelebrated with approx. 1/3 less cards being sent yearly. What about dear old dad? When you care enough to click send, then you have to send [...]
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The Frog Prince & The Ape: A Love Story in E Cards

A toadily funny little tale of love and devotion that delivers a powerful, lasting message. Click to see the funny E cards  featured in this video
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ECard Tips

The 3 most important things to remember when making an “In Your Face” ECard by MeCards: Use a high quality photo. Enlarge the photo so that the face fills in the complete “hole” in the ecard.  The face hole is intentionally freakishly large. Check your text!  Do not leave remnants of the default text in [...]
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