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A Valentine’s day E Card for your Facebook Friends

Personalize this funny E Card for Valentine’s day with your photo and post it on your Facebook wall to wish all your friends a happy Valentine’s Day! Click here to make this Valentine’s Day ECard for Facebook!
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Dating Website Adds Funny Photo Valentine’s Day ECard

The coolest dating site on the planet, FindMeRomance.co.uk has just added MeCards Ecards for Valentine’s Day to their website!  Is that what makes them so cool?  Well, that and the fact that the site will FIND YOU ROMANCE in time for Valentine’s Day and where would we be on this cold, lonely planet without a [...]
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A Birthday E Card That Will Make You Smile

Nothing says enjoy your birthday today like a vision of your future gummy, toothless mouth.  By the way, if you ever had a dream of your teeth falling out, it means you fear getting old.  So now you can solidify that fear for a friend on his/her birthday with this bizarre birthday ecard, the latest ecard added [...]
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A Free Funny ECard for your Parents Anniversary

A  new E Card has flown into the MeCards anniversary family and it’s well – super.  Super-duper actually because there are two characters in this E Card you can make and send right now to the strongest couple you know.  And you can like MeCards on Facebook if you’re not initmidated by 1950′s gender stereotypes!  Click [...]
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Funny Father’s Day E Card

OK, I’ve got the latest, greatest Father’s Day E Card up on MeCards.com.  It’s called Great Father’s of All Time.  All you need to do is stick a face photo of your pop and yourself in the baby carriage and you’re all set with a free funny father’s day ecard your dad will dig big [...]
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A Father’s Day ECard from The Wife

There are plenty of ecards for father’s day from the kids, but MeCards has a particular set of Father’s Day ECards from the WIFE. These are very important because once a year, we must appreciate the other half. See the arms on this freaky funny father’s day ecard in action
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Father’s Day On It’s Way: June 19th 2011

Father’s Day is an underrated event. Whereas Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for e-greetings and sentimentality, Father’s Day often slips away unnoticed and uncelebrated with approx. 1/3 less cards being sent yearly. What about dear old dad? When you care enough to click send, then you have to send [...]
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Come to Where the Cool Birthday ECards are FREE

Sometimes, you just want to say, birthday cards, take me away! And then Woosh, here comes Henry the dolphin to take you to that special Ecard place. It’s called www.MeCards.com:
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100% Free Funny Birthday ECards With Photos that DON’T SUCK!

I’m proud to announce that for this next week ALL of MeCards Premium photo birthday cards are FREE!  That means that MeCards.com is now officially the only site on the web with totally free animated photo birthday ecards that don’t suck AND the only site that does not require registration, membership or anything to download NOR [...]
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Your mother is Bovine for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is looming around the corner on May 8th.  It’s very important that your mom knows that you know that she knows that it’s OK to turn her into a cow for Mother’s Day.  There’s not ONE mother on this good planet that will not think this is funny.  Trust us, it is completely appropriate.   [...]
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