Photo E Card Making Tips

The 3 most important things to remember when making an “In Your Face” ECard by MeCards:

  • Use a high quality photo.
  • Enlarge the photo so that the face fills in the complete “hole” in the ecard. The face hole is intentionally freakishly large.
  • Check your text! Do not leave remnants of the default text in the ecard – ie make sure to change the “Dear Name” and “From, YOUR NAME” area in the text boxes. Review your text on the card before moving on to the next step!

Need even MORE help? Ok, let us really break it down for you:
Tips for adjusting your photo in your Ecard:

  1. PHOTO: Start by uploading a photo from your computer where the person is facing forward with a clear shot of the face and in good lighting. Better to use a photo of high resolution.
  2. DRAG: Once you upload a photo, click and drag it to the face cutout area of your card. Then click and drag the photo around within the card itself to get it into the general position.
  3. RESIZE: Enlarge or minimize the photo by dragging the Scale slider so that the face completely fills in the cutout area. The face cutouts are intentionally disproportionately large so that the person is more recognizable and it gives the card a more caricature like, cartoonish quality. So, make the face nice and big!
  4. ROTATE: Rotate the face using the Rotate slider so you have the perfect angle corresponding to the cutout. Once you rotate, you may want to play with the Scale slider again.
  5. MULTIPLE PHOTOS: If there is more than one cutout in your card (ie multiple faces), start by uploading as many pictures as you need. Then drag each one to its respective cutout. To adjust each face individually, simply click on that face and then drag it around, scale and rotate.

Tip for finding photos of your friends and family:

Get their photos from Facebook! Most people have a good number of photos to choose from. Simply find a photo in one of their albums and right click it. Select “Save as” and save it to your computer as a JPG file. Then upload it to the card wizard.

Tips for editing your text:

MeCards let you personalize the card text right on the card. When you enter your own text in the textbox, the writing automatically appears above in the card itself. MAKE SURE before you move on to the next step, to check how the text looks in the card preview – not just in the text box.

If you’d like to return to the original default text in the card, hit the Reset button under the text box.

*Note that later you will have a chance to add another personal message if you send by email. Likewise, you can post a message with your card when sharing on Facebook.

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