The Best Optical Illusion of 2011

Check out the winner of the best optical illusion of 2011 by Harvard University graduate student Jorday Suchow, and assistant professor in Harvard’s psychology department, George Alvarez.

What you need to do is stare at the white dot in the middle and note how when the dots around start to spin, they seem to stop changing color. In reality, they do not slow down or stop changing colors at all. This is because the spinning motion somehow suppresses the viewer’s ability to detect those changes. The brain works in mysterious ways!

Remember folks, this is not an illusion – father’s Day is coming up June 19th – if you want to see the coolest fathers day ecards on the web and schedule delivery now, then click here!

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Quotes Your Father Would Never Say

These are things my father would never say.
“Can you turn up that music?”
“Go ahead and take my car. Here’s 50 bucks for gas.”
“I LOVE your tattoo. We should both get new ones.”
“Here, you take the remote.”

What would your father NEVER say?

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A Father’s Day ECard from The Wife

There are plenty of ecards for father’s day from the kids, but MeCards has a particular set of Father’s Day ECards from the WIFE. These are very important because once a year, we must appreciate the other half.

funny fathers day ecard from wife

funny fathers day ecard from wife

See the arms on this freaky funny father’s day ecard in action

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What Americans Think of British Accents

This is too true:

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Father’s Day On It’s Way: June 19th 2011

Father’s Day is an underrated event. Whereas Mother’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for e-greetings and sentimentality, Father’s Day often slips away unnoticed and uncelebrated with approx. 1/3 less cards being sent yearly. What about dear old dad?

When you care enough to click send, then you have to send a father’s day ecard that means something. Choose your card wisely. So over the next few weeks, I’ll roll out MeCards Father’s Day Ecards as I work on adding more.
Father’s Day ECard #1:

Father's Day Ecard

You're The Man - Father's Day ECard

Click here to personalize this funny father’s day ecard

As always, MeCards text is editable so the caption is up to you.  I am currently taking caption suggestions such as:

1.  You’re The Man. 

2. My gift to you.  (Don’t tell mom).

3.  Thanks for showing me the way dad.

Add your caption suggestion below for the sake of all father’s who will receive this heartwarming ecard on June 19th.

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Come to Where the Cool Birthday ECards are FREE

Sometimes, you just want to say, birthday cards, take me away! And then Woosh, here comes Henry the dolphin to take you to that special Ecard place. It’s called

Funny Dolphin Birthday ECard

Make this the next birthday card you send! It's free!

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Little Boy’s First Kiss – He’s the Man!

How CUTE is this???  Sorta reminds me of Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper:

Do you remember your first kiss? How old were you and did you high-five afterwards?  I wanna know so leave your comments below.

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100% Free Funny Birthday ECards With Photos that DON’T SUCK!

I’m proud to announce that for this next week ALL of MeCards Premium photo birthday cards are FREE!  That means that is now officially the only site on the web with totally free animated photo birthday ecards that don’t suck AND the only site that does not require registration, membership or anything to download NOR will have anything weird dropped in your drink.   Take advantage people and get ‘em while they’re hot.  Or, and this is NOT me, I will have to punish you.

free funny photo birthday ecard

Make this birthday card for someone you love

To see er, (not) me crack my whip, click here.

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Something Funny in This Royal Wedding Cinderella Photo

Came across this interesting montage of the Royal Wedding.  Cowinkeedink?  I think not.

Royal Wedding Cinderella Photos

Royal Wedding Cinderella Photos

What do you guys think?  Did William and Kate plan to look like Prince Charming and Cinderella at their royal wedding?

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Your mother is Bovine for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is looming around the corner on May 8th.  It’s very important that your mom knows that you know that she knows that it’s OK to turn her into a cow for Mother’s Day.  There’s not ONE mother on this good planet that will not think this is funny.  Trust us, it is completely appropriate.  

Funny Mother's Day E Card with Photo

Turn your mother into a cow in this free funny ecard for Mother's Day

Click here to see the animation on this free funny Mother’s Day ECard!

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