Funny Father’s Day E Card

OK, I’ve got the latest, greatest Father’s Day E Card up on  It’s called Great Father’s of All Time.  All you need to do is stick a face photo of your pop and yourself in the baby carriage and you’re all set with a free funny father’s day ecard your dad will dig big time.  Why?  Because all father’s want in life is to create confident, happy children – and that’s what you are!  So yey!

funny fathers day ecard with your photos

Free, Funny ECard for Father's Day with your photos

My talented illustrator, who’s russian, came up with the concept and I was concerned that besides Bill Gates, I had no idea who two of the great fathers she suggested were.  She originally suggested Mendeleev, father of Chemistry and Tsiolkovsky, father of space flight. 

As far as space flight is concerned, I always just assumed it was an American like Buzz Aldrin.  But in reality, the Russians really do get the credit for space travel and I was happy to give Tsiolkovsky the honor of appearing on this MeCard.  Next to him now you see  Hippocrates, that I substituted for Mendeleev who my illustrator claimed was the father of Chemistry because he created the first version of the Periodic Table.  But I think she just wanted to stick another Russian in there, so I brought good old Hippocrates instead because we Americans value diversity so much.  So now we’ve got a Greek and a Russian and then of course, there’s our very own Gates – all duly honored on a MeCard which I’m sure has exceeded all of their greatest expectations.

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