E-Card Marketing – The Perfect Holiday Campaign

Many organizations are starting to recognize online greetings, or E-Cards as highly effective tools for branding and marketing.  How exactly?  Simple – organizations add their logo and link onto a popular greeting card that can travel throughout the web in a viral fashion. 

Christmas Family Photo ECard

Add your logo, link or message to a Christmas Family Photo ECard

Brand funny E-Cards to create effective holiday marketing campaigns

Add your logo to a funny, photo E-Card

Traditionally, E-Cards are graphic design illustrations sent from one person to another during holidays, birthdays or other personal occasions.  Today, E-Cards can be personalized video, photo, music and text and more importantly can be sent to multiple recipients or shared on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Note the difference in exposure between a private birthday card sent from one user to another and a user who creates a photo Christmas card designated to all their friends and posts it on their Facebook Wall. 

When users are given the ability to personalize their cards with their own photos, videos etc, endless variations of the same card template can be spotted throughout the social media sites.  Now when each card also contains a sponsoring organization’s brand, then exposure can turn massive.  Think, for example of the Christmas Dancing Elves ecard campaign sponsored by OfficeMax that receives millions of hits every year. 

Now with MeCards marketing solutions, smaller organizations with tighter marketing budgets can also take advantage of this e-card opportunity to make effective holiday campaigns.  All you need to do is embed the ecard technology onto your company website so your users can personalize their cards with photos on your site.    It’s a fast, easy and affordable way to dress up your site for the holidays, an opportunity to create something original and possibly viral, AND spread the word from user to recipient.   

MeCards.com offers such affordable solutions for any sized website or blog.  For more information on ECard solutions, contact service@MeCards.com.

Also, we’d like to give a shout out and thank you to the IleneRosenblum marketing website for making MeCards the cool tool of the week!

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