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The Overcompetitive Types

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What a typical day at work looks
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ET 2 The Sequel (extended trailer) – coming soon?

This has got everyone so excited.  The best movie ever made has a sequel.   Looked pretty good right?  Well sorry folks, it’s not actually real.  It’s just a mash-up of a few different clips from movies like alien invasion and others brilliantly edited together.  But it would make a pretty decent flick!
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The Top 4 Rosh Hashana ECards on the Web

Start the Jewish New Year with a big smile with these funny Rosh Hashana Ecards: This one is animated and sponsored by - watch as the ram runs out to butt the shofar blower away.  Caption reads:  Happy Rosh Hashana, no iffs ands or butts!  You can upload any face into the character and edit [...]
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