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Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop

HILARIOUS, I love the trailer even. Can’t wait to see this:
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Louis CK on Conan – Everything’s Great & Nobody’s Happy

Louis CK is the funniest stand up comedian right now hands down!   You can easily start watching him on YouTube at 9pm and then  before you know it, it’s 3 am and you say ok, just ONE MORE clip and then I’ll go to bed. I think this is an appropriate clip in lieu of Father’s Day, [...]
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Face in Hole – the Lion & the Giraffe

What could me MORE perfect for MeCards?  This photo of a lion and giraffe sticking their faces into the holes of the zoo cardboard cutouts was more than we at MeCards could bear.  We found it to be very profound.  Sometimes, you just gotta be you. To stick YOUR face in any number of holes [...]
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A Free Funny ECard for your Parents Anniversary

A  new E Card has flown into the MeCards anniversary family and it’s well – super.  Super-duper actually because there are two characters in this E Card you can make and send right now to the strongest couple you know.  And you can like MeCards on Facebook if you’re not initmidated by 1950′s gender stereotypes!  Click [...]
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The Best Optical Illusion of 2011

Check out the winner of the best optical illusion of 2011 by Harvard University graduate student Jorday Suchow, and assistant professor in Harvard’s psychology department, George Alvarez. What you need to do is stare at the white dot in the middle and note how when the dots around start to spin, they seem to stop [...]
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Quotes Your Father Would Never Say

These are things my father would never say. “Can you turn up that music?” “Go ahead and take my car. Here’s 50 bucks for gas.” “I LOVE your tattoo. We should both get new ones.” “Here, you take the remote.” What would your father NEVER say?
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What Americans Think of British Accents

This is too true:
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Little Boy’s First Kiss – He’s the Man!

How CUTE is this???  Sorta reminds me of Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper: Do you remember your first kiss? How old were you and did you high-five afterwards?  I wanna know so leave your comments below.
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Something Funny in This Royal Wedding Cinderella Photo

Came across this interesting montage of the Royal Wedding.  Cowinkeedink?  I think not. What do you guys think?  Did William and Kate plan to look like Prince Charming and Cinderella at their royal wedding?
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Calvin And Hobbes 10th Anniversary

Just finished reading The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book. OK it was published in ‘95 but for some reason I never got around to reading this collection. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t read Calvin and Hobbes for a while to pick up one of your old anthology books and start leafing through the [...]
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