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The Frog Prince & The Ape: A Love Story in E Cards

A toadily funny little tale of love and devotion that delivers a powerful, lasting message. Click to see the funny E cards  featured in this video
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Add an ECard to your Website or Blog for Mother’s Day

Are you thinking of a way to spice up your website or blog for Mother’s Day 2011? One of the easiest and most effective ways to do that is by adding a Mother’s Day ECard – but not just any e card, because let’s face it – they’re a dime a dozen these day. We’re talking about special photo personalized E Cards that allows your users to upload one or more photos of themselves into the card.
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The Overcompetitive Types

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What a typical day at work looks
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Funny St. Patricks Day E Card Greetings

Wondering when is St. Patrick’s Day 2011?   St. Patrick’s Day 2011 is on March 17th!  Turn yourself into an Irish frog to wish someone a happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Add a pic or photo to one of these funny ECards to get your green on and make someone smile.  Choose from a selection of funny [...]
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