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ET 2 The Sequel (extended trailer) – coming soon?

This has got everyone so excited.  The best movie ever made has a sequel.   Looked pretty good right?  Well sorry folks, it’s not actually real.  It’s just a mash-up of a few different clips from movies like alien invasion and others brilliantly edited together.  But it would make a pretty decent flick!
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ECard Tips

The 3 most important things to remember when making an “In Your Face” ECard by MeCards: Use a high quality photo. Enlarge the photo so that the face fills in the complete “hole” in the ecard.  The face hole is intentionally freakishly large. Check your text!  Do not leave remnants of the default text in [...]
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A Funny Valentine’s Day ECard – Just Add Photos!

Many believe that the days of yore were simpler and sweeter.  Perhaps they were.  But there was a lot more mud back then.  Just laying around in inconvenient places like where you ‘d want to rock your sweetheart back and forth, and back and forth. 
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